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Holloween is Just Around the Corner

While some parents are notorious for raiding the Halloween stash, some pets turn into candy hound snatchers. While assuring a safe and fun Halloween for your children, please keep your pets safe too.

Your dog has your attention and with a "bewitching look" they plead for a sweet

treat .

You let out, “Oh you're too cute!”, and instantly they know....

You are now under their spell!

While enjoying your Halloween candy, make and give a special treat to your pet, but beware of dyes.

5 Safety Howl-O-Ween Pet Tips

1. Sugar and Spice is NOT All Things Nice

Chocolate! Dark chocolate and baking chocolate are especially harmful to animals. Chocolate poisoning symptoms:

· severe vomiting

· diarrhea

· elevated heart rate

· lethargy

· seizures

Your pet's health is doubly compromised by ingesting chocolate covered raisins. Raisins can cause severe kidney failure and combined with chocolate - a lethal cocktail.

Sugar-free candy - the number one killer of candies. Although safe for humans, the artificial sweetener xylitol is life-threatening to your beloved fur buddy by causing a drop in sugar levels.

Xylitol symptoms:

· lethargy

· unable to walk

· seizures

· severe liver damage or potential fatal liver failure

Hard candy - these small candy treats are a choking hazard. To pets, wrappers are part of the candy package, plus they don't have thumbs to unwrap!


· intestinal obstruction

· GI tract lining irritation

2. No, your pet won't glow, but...

Glow sticks/jewelry: While they keep your child safe in the dark, it's not a toy for your pet. Although most glow sticks are non-toxic, if punctured, they have an extremely bad taste.

Taste reactions:

· your pet may run around acting goofy

· excessive drooling

3. Don't turn your pet into a lighted Halloween decoration.

Lit candles/ pumpkins and electrical Halloween decorations can be a disaster.

Inquisitive fur pals, especially puppies and kittens can either get burned or receive a life-threatening shock from chewing on electrical cords.

Rambunctious pets playing or your pup's wagging tail can smack into a table, knocking off lit candles or pumpkins.

4. Can I just wear my birthday suit?

While some people think dressing up their pet is adorable, your dog or cat may not think so.

Please read your fur pal's behavioral signs. Some may enjoy the new look and attention, and some may not.

A bandanna or lighted collar is also an alternative.

If you MUST subject your pet to a costume, please don't wait until the last minute to try it on. Make sure the costume fits comfortably on your pet and that it doesn't....

· get tangled-up

· slip

· strangle or block their airway

· restrict movement

· impair vision

· give an allergic reaction

· annoy your pet

Don't have enticing dangles, beads, or other small objects that can be ingested. NEVER leave your pet unattended while they are wearing their costume.

I thought it would be cute for Blueberry Bear to be a blue dog and bought pet paint.

Right on the label it read "non-toxic" - PERFECT, right!

Wrong, it's FLAMMABLE!

Find natural alternatives to color your dog, like chalk.

Do you have a black dog like Blueberry Bear? Look for pearl dust, fine edible metallic, or luster dust in the cake decorating section at a hobby store. Note: You can see a smudge of luster dust on Blueberry Bear's nose.

You can also make your own pearl dust with fine sugar and food coloring. Make your own natural hair spray by mixing together water and sugar.

5. Safety & Prevention - your best defense for your pet and strangers.

· Don't leave your pet(s) in the yard unsupervised. Unfortunately, pets become victims of pranksters. Cats are most vulnerable at Halloween time.

· Watch your pets around the increase of door traffic, especially kitties.

· Ingestion of fake or natural corn stalks and pumpkin leaves can induce an upset stomach or blockage.

· Prevent dog bites. As friendly as your dog is, they can easily be wary of kids in costumes.​​​​​​​

· IDs on your pets, please!

No matter if they are in the house or walking with the family, it just takes a moment for your pet to break away.

Halloween is a festive time for kids, and reading is certainly not on their list.

You can easily trick them into reading.

For youngsters learning to read, have them say aloud the letters or words on their Halloween candy.

For older children, challenge them to read the nutritional label.

Most of all, have a Safe and....

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