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Eileen Pieczonka, author of Blueberry Bear Series; children's literacy and animal welfare advocate. 

Follow me where dreams are chased, imaginations roam free, and reading is fun.

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Blueberry Bear A Furry Friends Tale book

Blueberry Bear

A Furry Friends Tale

. . .

Blueberry Bear A Furry Friends Tale
is about friendship, trust, courage,
and acceptance.

Blueberry Bear Picture Book

Blueberry Bear

. . .

Blueberry Bear, is a pawsatively wholesome down-on-the-farm
fun story, with the cutest
blue puppy imaginable!



Blueberry Bear Tales' children's picture book series was inspired by rescue reading therapy dog, Jamie. Written by author Eileen Pieczonka, Blueberry Bear is a blueberry-craving flat-coated retriever puppy named Bear and her unruly day on the Bubba farm turning herself and the farm blueberry blue and is nick-named Blueberry Bear.

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