Eileen Pieczonka, author of Blueberry Bear Series; children's literacy and animal welfare advocate. 

The Authors Show Interview

Eileen_Pieczonka.mp3The Author Show- Eileen Pieczonka
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An author's interview with show host Linda Thompson, talking about my inspiration for writing and my Blueberry Bear series.


The Authors Show is an online radio podcast interviewing authors of all genres. Interviews are broadcast on six separate "channels", each featuring on individual author for a full 24 hours.

I have also been nominated for the
2019 Top Female Authors Award. Announcement early July!

San Tan Sun News Article

Open Strum - Blueberry Bear Tales Music Video (feat. Izabelle & Mickey Raphael)

Blueberry Bear Music Video

"Blueberry Bear Tales" was composed by Michel Goguen.

Lyrics were written by Michel Goguen and Eileen Pieczonka.

Michel is a talented musician/songwriter/composer.
Michel is a big time animal welfare advocate, and puts on an annual fundraiser, Music for Critters.
To learn more about Michel's works, visit www.openstrum.com

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