Eileen Pieczonka, author of Blueberry Bear Series; children's literacy and animal welfare advocate. 

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I would love to meet your class, read my book(s), share my story about becoming an author, and of course, talk about therapy animals.

Pencil your visit in now, see link below, and I will get back to you.

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Seeing my therapy dog make a difference in a child’s reading, inspired me to write. My dog Jamie and I were a therapy team. We visited libraries to help children enhance their reading skills. A therapy dog's presence creates a calm environment which lowers stress in a child. They are non-judgmental which builds confidence in the reader. I must say, therapy dogs are also pawsome listeners!

Jaime Edmondson Longoria reviewed Blueberry Bear Tales — 5 star

January 26, 2017 · 

My kids and I adored meeting Blueberry Bear herself when she came to visit at the preschool! She did a special reading of the book with her mom, Eileen. The teacher said the children talked about the experience for days afterwards. Thank you Eileen for sharing your passion for reading with us.

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Blueberry Bear is the prequel to Blueberry Bear's Adventure Trilogy.

It's a fun down-on-the farm story about a pup named Bear and how she turns blue and is nick-named Blueberry Bear. (Perfect for Pre-school through First Grade.)

A Fury Friends Tale is the first of her adventure trilogy. It's about Blueberry Bear fleeing the farm in search for a friend. A message about friendship, trust, courage, and acceptance. (Best for Second and Third grade.)

Both books include refrains and onomatopoeia.


  • An interactive read-out-loud of either one or both
    picture books.

  • Reading with one or more of the following…

- My inspirational experience in becoming an author.

- An overview of what is a therapy animal and their jobs.

        - ​By using a comparison example between my late therapy
           dog Jamie and myself, I show how challenges builds

           self-confidence, and being your best comes from practice

           and learning (with emphasis on the importance of the

            re-write process).

        - Manuscript edit display

  • Q&A

NOTE: Comprehension and activity worksheets are available for a classroom project.

Jamie past away January, 2018. My goal for the 2019/2020 school year is to register my two new pups as therapy dogs to continue Jamie's legacy and to join me on school visits.

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Please contact me, Eileen, either by phone: 480.440.7229 or by email: eileen.blueberrybeartales@gmail.com

Pre-school to third grade and up to three classrooms at a time for a more intimate setting is preferred, but I'm flexible.

Presentation: 30 to 60 minutes tailored to your schedule, plus book signing.

Fee: My visits are free for the 2019 school year. For student/ author interaction, I do require the school to purchase at least one book set prior to my visit. Reading my book(s) prior to my visit creates excitement for the students, and gives them the opportunity for a lively discussion.


Order forms will be supplied for distribution to each child to take home.

Thank you for your interest.

Sit. Stay. Be Inspired.