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Eileen Pieczonka, author of Blueberry Bear Series; children's literacy and animal welfare advocate. 

Sit. Stay. Be Inspired.

Blueberry Bear Tales Children's book author Eileen Pieczonka with her therapy dogs Kong and Suki

HELLO! Welcome to My Classroom

I would love to meet your class, read my book(s), share my story about
becoming an author, and of course, talk about therapy animals.
My therapy dogs, Suki and Kong would also enjoy meeting the kids.

I adopted Suki and Kong several months after my first therapy dog Jamie passed away. They both follow in Jamie's pawprints as therapy dogs and accompanying me at book events and author school visits.

Eileen Pieczonka, Author,
Suki (front), Kong (back)
Blueberry Bear helping her library buddy read aloud.

A therapy dog's presence creates a calm environment, which lowers the reader's stress levels. Therapy dogs are also non-judgmental, which helps readers build up their self-esteem to read out loud. I must say, therapy dogs are pawtastic listeners!


Jamie was my first therapy dog. As a therapy team, Jamie and I visited libraries, helping children enhance their reading skills. Seeing Jamie make a difference in children's reading, fueled my passion for children's literacy and my inspiration for writing Blueberry Bear.


Jamie passed away in January, 2017, but her legacy lives on through

Blueberry Bear.


Jamie with one of her library reading buddies
School author visit for Evan Longoria's kids classrooms

Jaime Edmondson Longoria reviewed Blueberry Bear Tales — 5 star

January 26, 2017 · 

My kids and I adored meeting Blueberry Bear herself when she came to visit at the preschool! She did a special reading of the book with her mom, Eileen. The teacher said the children talked about the experience for days afterwards. Thank you Eileen for sharing your passion for reading with us.


Blueberry Bear is the prequel to Blueberry Bear's Adventure Trilogy.

It's a fun down-on-the farm story about a pup named Bear, how she turns blue, and is nick-named Blueberry Bear. (Perfect for Pre-school through
First Grade who also love to make messes.)

A Furry Friends Tale is the first of Blueberry Bear's adventure trilogy.
It's about Blueberry Bear fleeing the farm in search for a friend. A message about friendship, trust, courage, and acceptance.
(Best for Second and Third grade.)

Both books include repeated refrains and onomatopoeia.

Blueberry Bear books III will soon be in the writing stage.

Blueberry Bear books.jpg


  • Book reading of your choice, either:
    Blueberry Bear (an interactive read-out-loud), or
    Blueberry Bear A Furry Friends Tale


  • Presentation*

  • Q & A

  • Book Signing

  • Pre-Kindergarden includes:
    Blueberry Bear interactive book reading 
    Optional Presentation: Not All Dogs are Approachable 

Be Inspired (Kinder - 3rd Grade)

I talk about my inspiration for becoming an author.

The Moral of the Story

Blueberry Bear Book 
(Kindergarten - 1st Grade)

Blueberry Bear is a rambunctious puppy who loves making messes including herself.

It is required to bathe and groom a therapy dog within 24 hours of a visitation. 
In this presentation, I use my therapy dogs as examples of why it is important to practice good hygiene.


Blueberry Bear A Furry Friends Tale Book (2nd - 3rd Grade)

Blueberry Bear is teased by the farm animals for being blue.
She leaves the farm in search for a friend, only to realize even the forest animals will not accept her.

Book topic discussion about friendship, trust, courage, and acceptance.


Proofreading Process (2nd - 3rd Grade)

Funny grammar mistakes/typo examples are shown to reinforce proofreading.

Editing Process (2nd - 3rd Grade)

Blueberry Bear editing examples are shown and a discussion on why editing is important.


Who Let the Dogs Out!  Dogs Have Jobs Too

Therapy Dogs (Kindergarten - 3rd Grade)

Suki and Kong are registered therapy dogs with Alliance of Therapy Dogs.
In this presentation I explain what is a therapy dog and their jobs. 


Therapy Dogs vs. Service Dogs (Kindergarten - 3rd Grade)

Therapy Dog and Service Dog are sometimes used interchangeably. They are not the same.
This presentation explains the difference between a therapy dog and a service dog. 

NOTE: Kinder and 1st Grade presentations will be a shortened version

Canines are Teachers Too (2nd - 3rd Grade)

After 2 years of training, Jamie transformed from a shy, skittish, anxious dog, into a therapy dog.
From her training, Jamie taught me- challenges builds up self-esteem and helps you flourish,
while practice molds you into becoming your best. 

If I hadn't rescue Jamie, I wouldn't have known my purpose in life and be the person I am today.
In this presentation, I emphasis to the class that individual growth is from learning, practice, and challenging

Keep Kids Safe Around Dogs 

Not All Dogs are Approachable (All Grades)

During my dog walks, children will just run up wanting to pet Suki and Kong.
Do you know half of the 4.5 million dog bites per year are pediatric dog bites?

Children who experience a dog bite can develop PTSD.
This common reaction in children can bring on emotional, academic, social, and behavioral problems.
This presentation focuses on how to safely approach a dog.

Characteristic Warning Signs of an Unapproachable Dog (All Grades)
A dog waging its tail does not necessarily mean it's a friendly dog.
This presentation gives examples of the characteristic signs of a non-approachable dog.

Author Eileen Pieczonka conducting a school author visit


Please contact me either by phone: 480.440.7229, or

Grade Levels: Pre-school to third grade 
I prefer a more intimate group of 1 - 2 classrooms, but I'm flexible.

Presentation Time: 30 - 60 minutes

Fee: Call or email for pricing

Price Includes:

An autographed book copy

Presentation of choice
Teacher's Packet
•    Tips on building up excitement for my visit (Create a Buzz)
•    Pre-visit class activities
•    Therapy dog and service dog information reading passage (Super Hero Dogs)
•    Therapy dog character trait map and writing activity (Your Therapy Dog’s Profile)

•    Comprehension worksheets
•    Therapy Dog Classroom Rules
•    Therapy dogs, Suki and Kong’s bios

Thank you for your interest.

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Sit. Stay. Be Inspired.

Not All Dogs are Approachabe
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