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9 Rock-On Tips to Help Your Child with Finals

Spring Break is over, and I hope everyone enjoyed their family vacation, day outings, kid’s camp, or just a week of rejuvenation.



“Final's Week” will be here before you know it! Do you have a study plan for your child? You should. You want your child to rock those test scores, right? Of course you do! Then it’s smart to start preparing your child sooner than later.

I know you're still in that “vacation” mode, and you have a lot of catch-up work to do. I’m here to help by giving some tips to help you prepare your child for finals week.

Let’s get started with these tips!

TIP 1 - Build Confidence

Keep your child’s confidence up by going over what they do know. Then alternate with harder spelling words, math problems, etc.

TIP 2 - Card Shark Create playing cards with questions.

TIP 3 - Stick It Place sticky notes around the house for those tough spelling words.

TIP 4 - Karaoke Record your child singing those hard to remember spelling words, and pause for a few seconds in between words. Replay the recording, pausing in between words so he/she can then spell out the word. Repeat.

TIP 5 - Little Author Get out those spelling word tests, colored pencils, and paper! 

a. Have your child circle all the spelling words he/she is having trouble writing or defining. b. Help them create their own story book using those spelling words.

d. Let them draw pictures, decorate pages, and highlight the spelling words.

Your little author will be so proud of themselves that they will read their story over and over again. They can read their book to their younger siblings, their fur buddy, and even as a bedtime story! They won't realize they're learning.

TIP 6 - Tailored Activities 

Now it's your turn to come up with creative learning activities tailored around your child's interests.

Here are a few ideas to get your started.

a. Plan a princess picnic and let your little one read her favorite princess book aloud. Have him/ her point out her weekly lesson words, or you can read aloud a word from the page for her to find.

b. Everyone has played the game, “I Spy”. Post spelling words around the room and make a game out of it.

c. Word scramble – write a word, cut out the letters, scramble them up, and have your child piece the letters together to make the word.

d. If your child is visual, act out stories to help with reading comprehension.

TIP 7 - Game On

If your child loves playing video games, here are some fun educational sites to help your child learn: 

TIP 8 - Story Teller Reading is the foundation for good grades whether it’s in spelling, science, or math.

Does your child love to read, but his/her test scores aren’t up to par? It could be your child isn’t comprehending what they have just read.

To determine if your child lacks in reading comprehension, ask questions about what they just read, or have them tell the story in their own words.

Please visit, for a list of reading questions.

TIP 9 - Parental Support!

It's "test" day! Don’t forget to add a special inspirational note in your child’s lunch box or pencil case.

For printable inspiration notes that you can personalize, please go to,

Be a Super Hero in your child's education.

Blueberry Bear Tales sends your students Good Luck Wishes.

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