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Blueberry Bear Tales and Michel Goguen of Open Strum collaborated on a Blueberry Bear Tales music video.

I am so excited to share Open Strum's - Blueberry Bear Tales music video with you (link below)

The Blueberry Bear Tales song is an inspiration and sends a strong message to all ages about self expression, be unique, believe in yourself, and follow your dreams.

Blueberry Bear is a free-spirited determined character, and we all need a little of her characteristics within us! So let your inner child be Wild & Free!

Song titled: Blueberry Bear Tales Video title: Open Strum - Blueberry Bear Tales Lyrics by: Michel Goguen and myself Vocals by: Michel Goguen, and featuring Izabelle Composed by: Michel Goguen

Michel Goguen (of Open Strum) has done a fantastic job putting this all together, so please take the time to comment and tag Open Strum.

Michel is not only a talented musician/songwriter/singer, but also a huge animal welfare and environmental advocate.

Enjoy the music video!

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